Serving the communities of Hickory Hills and Palos Hills, Illinois

Serving the communities of Hickory Hills and Palos Hills, Illinois

Serving the communities of Hickory Hills and Palos Hills, IllinoisServing the communities of Hickory Hills and Palos Hills, Illinois

About Us

The Hills Chamber of Commerce services the communities of Hickory Hills and Palos Hills, and is composed of many small businesses and encourages its members to make their voices heard and facilitate intelligent discussion in matters pertinent to the interests of the business community. The Hills Chamber serves as the voice for member businesses, representing, advocating, and working to enhance the business environment. 

We are a voluntary organization of business and professional people working together in a community development program to make the Hickory/Palos area a great place to shop, live and play. The Chamber is a nonprofit, independent organization - not affiliated with city, state or federal government.  


Our Mission

The mission of the Chamber is to enhance and sustain the economic environment and quality of life in our community. 

The Chamber identifies and services the needs of businesses. It develops partnerships with educational, cultural, civic and service organizations. It gathers facts, provides information and facilitates discussions on key issues that impact businesses, the economy and the community as a whole. It serves as the front door to our community. 


Our Goal

Our continued goal is to represent and promote local member businesses as we seek to increase growth and support the economic climate of the community. 


How The Hills Chamber Works

Once a month a meeting is held to make a careful study of community needs and issues and receive committee reports on various projects and goals. Volunteers are the “foundation” of the Chamber. These people dedicate their time to accomplish the Chamber’s goals and objectives. The Chamber enables the communities of Hickory Hills and Palos Hills as well as surrounding communities to accomplish collectively what none of us could do individually. 



The Chamber of Commerce brings together the businesses of our community. By participating in Chamber events, you have direct access to business representatives who may be your clients or may be potential clients. We provide a tremendous opportunity to get your name out there and broaden the awareness of who you are and what you do. 


Chamber Investment

The Chamber of Commerce is supported by membership dues and fundraisers, not by donation, federal funds or tax dollars. It is a necessary investment in the future of your community and your business.

Chamber membership is recognized as a business expense on your income tax return. No other business investment will pay such large dividends as the one that helps to guarantee a prosperous community. Expand Chamber Foundation Programs, Services and Events.

It is our goal to utilize our resources to provide programs, services and events that continue to expand and improve our community. Expand current community oriented events sponsored by our business members. Bringing the business community and the residents of Hickory and Palos Hills together to showcase the businesses and their services in our area.


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Contact Us

We  strive to stay in communication with the community. If you have a question about  joining The Hills Chamber of Commerce or its members, send us a message or give us a call. We're always happy to help!

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